Hot off the heels of the last update it is full steam ahead with the next here at Yack! We are pleased to say version 1.37 is now live and brings some exciting new features!

With these new features, there have also been some updates to the user interface making everything simple and user friendly. The updates are available now via web browser with android, iOS and windows desktop apps coming shortly.

Check out the video below or if you prefer a read take a look summary of the new features in this update below.

New call user interface

In order to accommodate the additional call features we have revised the user interface to keep things as easy as possible to use. Initiating a new call now presents you with a new dialog box.

Along with 2 new options there is the ‘Call using this computer’ option where you will be presented with the familiar options from before with the ability to record and transcribe the call, the language the call will be in, who you want to invite to the call and to start a video or audio only call.

Call using another computer (Conference room calls)

One of the brand new features is to be able to call from another computer without the need to log into the platform using one time call codes.

Select whether to record and transcribe the call along with the language the room will be in and who you wish to call from the screen above.

You can then use the URL listed on another computer and enter the code provided and initiate the call with audio or video only.

This is useful where you need to wish to use a computer that you do not wish to fully log in to such as a conference room.

Call using phone dial-in

Another fantastic new feature is the ability to call using dial in from a landline or mobile phone. This is especially useful for situations where you lack audio on the computer or are in an area with poor a poor or unreliable internet connection.

Using the options above you can select to record and transcribe, the language the call is in and who you wish to initiate a call with along with the country you are dialling from.

Once the options are selected simply call the given number and enter your personal code when prompted.

Transcript with ‘Call using another computer’ and ‘Call using dial-in’

With all calls that are recorded and transcribed, even when made using another computer or dial-in, will be available to you when you log in to the main platform just as you would expect as if you had made the call on the platform in the first place!

Bug fixes and stability updates

Some people have reported that a bug led to occasional call dropping. This issue has now been resolved along with some minor other bug fixes and stability updates to improve platform performance.

Website changes

The main website at has also had a few updates with some minor changes to the home page along with a revision of the pricing page.

The ‘Sign In’ button has now been replaced with a ‘My Account’ for clarity.

Sneak Peak 🤫

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the other features we are busy working on behind the scenes!

Outbound dialing

Integration with Hubspot

Calendar integration

Single click guest join

Inbound dialing with phone number

Along with many more! We will let you know once these are available.

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us using our live chat and we would be happy to help.

We welcome and would love to hear your feedback

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