When you have a number of rooms covering the same general subject area, it can sometimes be helpful to see them together.

Merged views are unique to you – no-one else can see them – and when you create a merged view, the rooms in the view will stay merged until you decide to unmerge them. Merged rooms are colour-coded so you can easily tell which post belongs to which room. You can merge up to 9 rooms together (8 plus the currently selected room).

To merge conversations:

  1. Every room you belong to is displayed in the left-hand pane – with the most recently updated bubbling to the top. Each room is shown with a plus next to the name.
  2. Click on the plus to merge a room with the active room. The name of the merged room and the colour associated with it are displayed in the room header.
  3. To unmerge rooms, click on the small x button that appears next to the room name in the header.
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