You can apply a priority setting to each of your rooms. This allows you to control the type and frequency of notifications you receive whenever those rooms are updated. There are three settings you can select from:

  • Watching: This is the lowest priority setting and is intended for when you don’t really need to be involved but want to keep abreast of what is going on
  • In the loop: This setting is for rooms in which you are an active contributor but which are not mission critical. By default, we will be slightly more robust in letting you know when there are new messages – but we won’t be knocking your door down!
  • Important: Use this for mission- or time-critical conversations when the minutes count. We’ll be using all of the options to let you know there are updates to be seen.

By default, when you join a room your priority level is set to “Important”. Other members of that room cannot see the priority level you have assigned.

You can view the available notification options and customise them per priority by clicking the Settings icon and then selecting “Notifications”.

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