With Yack.net you can work with posts singly or in groups. You can reference posts by quoting them, move them between rooms or use them as the seed for an entirely new conversation.

Quoting and moving posts are different. When you move a post it is deleted from the original room and added to the new one in its original position. This means that if you move a post that was made at 1pm on December 1, it will be added to the new room as if it was made at 1pm on December 1.

By contrast, when you quote a post in another room it appears as the latest post in that conversation, attributed to you.

When moving posts, you will be alerted if, as a result of the move, some members of the existing room will lose their ability to view the post in its new home.

How to move or quote messages:

  1. Hover over the post you want to move or quote. You will see a context arrow to the right-hand side of the post.
  2. Click on the arrow to show the context menu.
  3. Select the operation you wish to perform. A pop up will display, allowing you to select the room you wish to move the post to, or quote it in.

Want to move or quote multiple message?:

  1. Put the room into select mode by hovering over the post, clicking on the context arrow and choosing “Select” from the context menu. Alternatively you can click on the room settings button – the three vertical dots on the top right-hand side of the room panel and choose “Select” from there.
  2. The select menu will appear in the room header and checkboxes will show next to each post.
  3. Choose the posts you want to move then select an action from the select menu.
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