Rooms are designed so that any with more than 2 people give you an easy list from which you can select the people you want to talk to. No need to involve everyone from the room unnecessarily!

People can join and leave a call without the need to keep stopping and starting a call and everyone in the room can see when there is a call in progress.

All in all it is designed to make video and audio calling as easy as possible and the video below covers this!

  • Notify options for a room with more than 2 people
  • Auto selected to call in rooms of 6 or less – click to remove those you don’t want to call
  • Not auto selected to call in rooms of more than 6 – click to add those you want to call
  • People joining and leaving an ongoing call
  • Number of people on a call at once

If you require any additional info or help with calling multiple people in a room please do get in touch where we would be happy to provide assistance.

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