As you would expect, provides plenty of functionality to easily edit errors in messages and delete mistakes. It also makes it easy to move messages from one room to another or quote from text in the same room or in another room.

New rooms can also be created when moving or quoting text which aims to make it easier for you to collaborate with the right people and for them to know what you are referring to.

This video goes over:

  • Editing text and how to tell if text has been edited
  • Deleting text and how the platform shows text has been deleted
  • Editing and deleting not being permanent and editing or deleting other people comments
  • Moving text from one room to another
  • Quoting text in the same room and into another room
  • Quoting multiple messages at once
  • Quoting or moving a message into a new room
  • Selecting all messages in a room

If you require any additional info or help with edit, deleting, moving or quoting messages please do get in touch where we would be happy to provide assistance.

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