Transcription and searching calls, unique and invaluable.

One of the key features of our platform is that the calls are recorded and automatically transcribed for you. With an inbuilt search function it is incredibly simple, easy and quick to locate key parts of your conversations that you can listen back to.

The video below takes you through:

  • Where the transcription is shown following a call
  • The text of who said what during a call
  • The ability to edit transcript text
  • Playing the call from the beginning or from any point in the transcript
  • Listening to a call as the transcript follows along
  • Using the search function to locate specific parts of a call
  • How to differentiate between transcribed audio and regular messages
  • Playing the call from the search menu
  • Jumping straight to a room and point of the call using the search function

If you require any additional info or help with the transcription or search functionality please do get in touch where we would be happy to provide assistance.

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