Yack.net allows you to make calls from your Hubspot Contacts and Deals. Calls made through Yack.net are automatically recorded and transcribed. The transcripts from all of your calls with a contact are combined into one searchable timeline which is accessed from the Contact or Deal activity. Calls can be instantly replayed from any point in the timeline. You can also search and replay across all of your calls from within your Yack.net account.

To get started.

Create a Yack.net account and organization.

Contact support at support@yack.net or use the support link at the bottom of this screen and ask for outbound phone calls to be enabled for your organization.

Connect your Hubspot team from your Yack.net organization. Log into Yack.net and click the setting cogs icon. Select "Organization Settings", then your organization name. Then click "Integrations", and finally click the "Connect to Hubspot" button.

Install the Yack.net plugin for Chrome browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/yacknet/hoahmmkbogllfjbipheocblanbjonjmg

Now, when you view a contact, or deal from within hubspot, a Yack.net icons will be shown under the phone number. Clicking this icon starts a call which will be made via Yack.net.

After the call completed, a note will be added to the activity tab within the Hubspot contact or deal. You may need to update the filter on your Hubspot notifications. Click the Filter link at the top of the Hubspot notifications link and then click Yack.net which will appear under the Integrations section in the Hubspot filter.

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